Q: When is the Next Reunion Meeting and can I attend? A: Yes please all are welcome! Next meeting is Sunday May 5th 2019 at 11:30am Pearl River Hilton, the Reunion is in 5 months from this date!! Q: When is the Reunion? A: After lots of research your reunion committee has elected to have the reunion on Friday Oct 4th, 2019 Q: Where is the Reunion going to be? A: After we got a couple of sites and estimates together we have selected the Pearl River Hilton. Q: Do you think you might be coming? A: In order to get the best pricing we need to estimate to the venue how many will be attending. That is why it would be helpful if you could give us an idea if you are planning to attend. Q: How much is it going to cost? A: We feel that keeping it under a $100 a person is the goal and the Hilton got there. A buffet dinner and a cocktail hour including a choice of 4 hot entress, salad, dessert, coffee, tea, sodas, wine and beer included. Mix Drinks are cash at the bar. Q: How do it reserve and make a payment? A: We are working on setting up payment options now. Bank account is about to be opened with Fed tax Id, thanks Gary R. and Ann T. Q: If we are coming in from out of town, are any arrangements/deals being looked at? A: So far the Holiday Inn and Westgate Motor Lodge and Pearl River Hilton has expressed interest. Q: Are there any plans for other activities ? A: We are looking at what might be available or planned on the Saturday and Sunday of the Reunion Weekend. So far ideas include for Saturday a tour of the High School and a football game or Golfing at Blue Hill. In the evening on Saturday an old time Firehouse Dance info TBA Q: How many classmates have said they are comings ? A: Not including spouses we have 27 plus to date (03/24/2019). Q: How can I help ? A: We need help with TEC stuff. We want to do a live feed from the event for people that can not make it, included two way video connections to be able to talk to each other. This is beyond my basic knowledge of IT stuff. Q: How can I help #2? A) Look at the "Class of 69" page and if there is anyone you know still listed in BLACK please reach out to them and let them know about this WebSite www.tz69.us and ask them to fill out the contact form. This will help make sure we have reached out to as many as we can. We have also lost a number of members of the Class of 69, if there is anyone that you know is no longer with us and we do not have them on our Memoriam Page please let us know.